Huisartsenwachtpost Brabo (HWB) Afdrukken E-mailadres

For citizens with postal codes:

2000-2018-2060-2600 Antwerp


Lange Leemstraat 187
2018 Antwerpen

Payment Information/Billing Information

At the practice you will have the pay right away either cash or with bank card. The House visits have to be paid in cash.


By car

Huisartsenwachtpost Brabo's location is between the Belgiëlei and the Consciencestraat at your right hand side if you are coming from the Belgiëlei.


You may always use our garage, on the left hand side of the main entrance is a gate.

  • Ring the bell (on the bottom bell 'Huisartsenwachtpost') next to the garage gate.
  • Proceed to level -1, the light will turn on automatically
  • You may park your car an arbitrary place by 'Kava'.
  • Walk towards the green door and ring the bell again marked 'Huisartsenwachtpost'.
  • The stair or the elevator will take you to the correct floor - follow the arrow 'Huisartsenwachtpost' to the waiting room.

When you leave, drive your car first onto the square with red & green. The garage gate will automatically open. When the traffic light turns green, you can leave the garage.

With public transportation

  • Belgielei: Tram stop Lange Leemstraat (around 135m from our location): Tram 2, 6, and 15 – Bus 14, 17, 31, 190, 195, 196, 197 and 297
  • Lange Leemstraat: Stop Belgielei (around 77m from our location): Tram 8